75 Mind-Blowing Custom Flame Paint Jobs on Hot Rods

best cars with flame paint jobs

Nothing says Hot Rod quite like an incredible flame paint job. It’s virtually the official classic hot rod paint job. Sure, a car may be blown, chopped, louvered, bagged and sporting other custom touches, but without the right paint it can fall short of spectacular. Flames give it attitude.

Flame paintjobs are as diverse in style as the rides they’re painted on, from new supercars to vintage pickups and chopper motorcycles. Flame styles range from the iconic yellow, orange and red “crab claw flames” to the more subtle monochromatic “ghost flames”. The awesome-factor of almost anything with a well-done flame paint job will go up.

Custom flame painting is offered at many paint shops, body shops, and vehicle customizers in a range of styles, colors, and price points. Some enthusiasts opt to paint their own flames. Although painting a quality flame paint scheme requires a reasonable amount of artistic and technical painting skills, most car guys or gals hire a professional with relevant talent and experience. If you have the cash, flames can add that certain flare your vehicle may have lacked.

If you’re considering a custom flame paint job on your car, truck or motorcycle, then hopefully after looking at the other paint jobs below you will be able to find the inspiration to drive your project forward.

Custom Flame Paint Job Pictures

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