Porsche Eye Candy – Beautiful Porsches through the years

car porn

What is car eye candy?  You may or may not have heard the term before.  Car enthusiasts who throw the term around are mixed in their definitions, but we’d simply like to define it here as “Porsche”.  Porches have been natural beauties since the dawn of the brand.  Ok ok, a good many regard the Panamera as Porsche’s ugly duckling, so let’s steer clear of that controversial one.

Not too many automotive brands can boast decades upon decades of coveted automotive designs.  Designs that pay homage to its design pedigree, while progressively integrating new technology, improved aerodynamics, and sexier aesthetics.  Porsche’s curves, particularly on the 911, are positively iconic.  Even non-auto enthusiasts can look at a vague silhouette of a 911 and immediately identify those sexy, signature Stuttgart curves as a Porsche.  That’s right.  Porsche pictures of all eras are provocative car eye candy at its finest.  Pure automobile beauties that look great with their top down, up, or targa.


Porsche Eye Candy:

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