Increase Horsepower

How can you increase horsepower? There are several fundamental principles if you are going to increase the acceleration of your car, truck or SUV, of course aside from shedding some weight. This video explains some various ideas and methods of how to increase horsepower in your car.


This horsepower videos covers the Top 5 Car Modifications (mods) you should do right away in order to gain maximum HP and Torque from your car engine. These mods will make your car faster while spending relatively little of your hard earned money compared to other mods. This video goes over the benefits of a CAI, Upgrading your Intercoolers, Catback exhaust, high flow catalytic converters, high performance camshafts, port and polish, and tuning your car’s ECU or ECM for the absolute maximum power output!


Tuner cars are usually classified as cars that can be easily modified or tuned. But what does that mean? When you change something under the hood, your engine has to be tuned to work with it! This horsepower themed video looks at the history of “tuning,” from what started as delicate mechanical adjustments, to how it exists today- a marriage between the computer tech of the future and the forced induction and air and fuel mixes that are as old as cars themselves.


What is an alternative way to increase car horsepower and torque? Extrude honing is a process that uses special putty to increase a machine’s functionality. This video shows us how it helps the automotive industry.


Not too often can you simply invest a little time into your car to generate more horsepower and avoid going to the auto parts store and shelling out some cash for pricey parts. In this how-to boost HP video, this enthusiast dedicates around 7 hours to the upper and lower intake manifolds where he made everything smooth. Any time that the air that is rushing into the engine has to slow down for a bend or stop at a shelf, is lost power. There are companies that offer this porting service for around $700, although in this video we see how to avoid having to pay someone to do a port service and get the same results.


This helpful video explains different ways an ECU can make your car more powerful and faster. The video also answers the following common questions and chip tuning. How does chip tuning work? What is an ECU chip tune? What is an engine reflash? How much horsepower will a chip tune provide for a car? What parameters of the engine does the ECU alter so that the car creates more horsepower?


Do you want better handling, braking, and acceleration? Well then sit down and pay attention and let us know if you have done any of these on your ride. Check out this holistic approach to car mods so that you avoid mistakes like boosting the power big time without increasing stopping power, thus creating a death trap.


At its most basic, your car or truck engine is one big air pump. It works by creating a series of precisely-timed explosions that pull in and push out ever-essential air. So it makes sense that the way to increase the horsepower and torque of your engine is to find ways to move more air in and out of it. There’s an ongoing debate among car enthusiasts about the importance of horsepower vs. torque. It really doesn’t matter which side of the argument you’re on, as they are both key components in powering your vehicle.


This helpful how-to video showcases 5 quick ways to improve engine performance and increase horsepower. If you’re looking for horsepower gains, then this video is a great place to start.


Renowned YouTube auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer has been an auto mechanic for over 52 years. In this informational video he highlights some car mods that can add a lot of horsepower to your car.


NITROUS! NITROUS OXIDE! THE NOS! It goes by many names and all of them inspiring reverence in the automotive world. How does nitrous work? What is NOS? In this horsepower video, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of the science behind how Nitrous Oxide helps cars generate higher horsepower. You’ll learn about nitrous oxide systems, delivery methods and blow-off valves!


More horsepower is the song of all car enthusiasts, no matter what car they have. Buying car parts to achieve greater horsepower becomes increasingly more difficult because it not only takes time to procure and install those parts, but it also takes money. Then, one thing you don’t want to do is not have enough funds to build your car properly. This horsepower video showcases some of the most common rookie mistakes people make when adding horsepower to their car. Watch and learn!

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