Ten Ways to Spill-Proof Your Ride

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Life is messy. That once beautiful brand new car with the perfect interior and new car smell now looks like Baghdad and smells like New Jersey. That backseat isn’t purple camo; yep that’s all juice stains. There is hope though, so follow along as we help you spill-proof and reclaim your ride.

WeatherTech floor mats

While pretty much any rubber floor mats, and even high quality carpet mats, will protect your floors from liquids, I prefer WeatherTech for a number of reasons. The mats are designed for the floor of each vehicle, so you get a product that fits exactly and does not slip, rather than a cheap “good enough” mat. They are heavy duty enough for serious work vehicles, and like me, they are made in the USA. Hey, if nationalism works for Clarkson, I can use it too.

Thermos/travel mug

It’s a no-brainer that keeping the liquid in your cup will prevent you from having to follow the rest of this guide. Upgrade to a real thermos or decent travel mug to reduce spills and keep your coffee hot and your Redbull and vodka cold. Look for one with a screw on cap and a locking lid. I prefer well-known high-quality brands that are established in the segment, like Nissan and Zojirushi.

Toddler Seat Covers

Those little humans in the back seat need spill protection more than the big humans up front, but seat covers for the kiddos are often overlooked. Nomie Baby has a toddler car seat cover that is washable, mess-proof, spill-proof, leak-proof and kid-proof. It’s designed for car seats, so it fits perfectly, but easily pulls off for washing. Challenge accepted, Junior.

Spill-Proof Snacks & Drinks

For families with toddlers, look into spill-proof cups and snack holders. They are like sippy cups for the child’s snacks. With the Snack Trap, kids reach through soft plastic slits to grab their snack. Once the child removes his or her hand, the slits close so the food stays inside, even if the Snack Trap is dropped. The same company also makes no-spill bottle caps, which are specialized lids that screw onto wide-mouth bottles of common size juice bottles.

Backseat Organizer

To prevent spills in the backseat, make sure everything has its place. Backseat organizers come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, configurations, colors, and materials, so spend some time on Amazon or eBay picking one out. They start at about $10, and can prevent a spill from happening, by keeping everything from your drink to your iPad in place during that long road trip.

Seat Covers

Even the cheapest seat covers are great at defending your seats from dirt, mud, and minor wear and tear. Unfortunately, that breathability comes at a cost, namely that the seat covers are not waterproof. There are some waterproof seat covers made out of neoprene, but they are not cheap. Another option is from a company called H2Out, which claims all the defense of a waterproof cover, but made out of a breathable fabric. As they put it: “Waterproof! Infant-proof! Childproof! Dog Proof!”

Maksimatic Bullet

Okay, this one is reaching a bit, as you can’t order these neat cup holders since the Kickstarter expired without meeting the funding goal. These Centripetal (spill preventing) & Gyroscopic (auto leveling) cup holders don’t look all that great, but a video that went viral last year showed how crazy spill-proof they are. While you can’t buy one, it should be possible to build your own for not a lot of cash or time.


Scotchgard is a brand of water and stain repellant from 3M that has been sold since the tri-five Chevy was new and the Ford Thunderbird was cool. You don’t have to go with this brand, but it is well known because it works. Clean your interior, mist with Scotchgard, leave it for a few hours, and your cloth interior now has the water repelling equivalent of microfiber.

Car Trash Bin

This is just a simple bin for holding leftover junk until you get somewhere you can offload it. Some cans go upmarket with an airtight seal, or a scent packet to keep the stink away. There’s even brushed aluminum exteriors, so it can match your aftermarket door sills. If you’re super cheap, just use a plastic bag from nearly any store, and toss it all out when you find a trash can or get home.

Waterproof Hammock Seat Covers

Have big dogs that love getting muddy? Hammock seat covers are quite a bit different from the form-fitting seat covers you are used to. Attaching at the headrest of the front and back seats, the hammock sits in the rear passenger area, and lets the filthiest animals ride in your vehicle without the slightest mess. They are all over Amazon for very affordable prices, and are even available as just a door cover, if your dogs only slobber on the door.

Do you have any ideas on how to spill-proof a car? Yes, I know, not having kids or pets is an easy way to keep the interior clean, but where’s the fun in that?

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